Do you suspect electricity in your stable or in your home?

Topagro can help prevent electricity; creep current, magnetic current and vagabonding of current. Electricity flow in our houses has become a much bigger problem due to the efficiency improvements that has taken place in society. All our electrical aids for everyday life, such as registration in the milking plant, heat time, rumination time etc. all these devices send out electrical impulses.

The symptoms of electricity influence in humans can be headaches / migraines, sleep disturbances, malaise and difficulty concentrating. There have been cases where electricity has been a contributor to cancer because electricity can contribute to cellular changes.

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Symptoms in animals

In animals, the following symptoms are seen; irreversibility, decreased fluid intake, the cattle don’t show heat, and altered behavior, e.g. will not go normal routes in the stable. The calves are affected by diarrhea and pneumonia. If all other options are exhausted in relation to treatments, then one should look at electricity – and to save money one could benefit from checking the electricity first.

If you suspect that you have a problem with electricity, look for the fluid intake. Cattle do not drink optimally when exposed to electricity. This service is offered in the company as well as in private households.

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