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Welcome to TopAgro ApS! We are an independent agricultural consulting business and has been so for more than 30 years. We can offer you and your farm counselling regarding cattle: feeding and care taking and removal of electricity – both inside the stables but also in your private home.

The company consist of Aage Villumsen, who has more than 30 years of experience concerning agricultural counseling and has had his own cattle farm. Besides Aage is his daughter Simone Villumsen who is studying sexology and couples therapy. She is also an educated farmer and has worked on mainly cattle-farms.

We have 3 values here in TopAgro, which consist of our motto “Keep It Simple”, look at the cow – because she never lies and with honesty we will succeed.

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Electricity problems

Electricity flow in our houses has become a much bigger problem due to the efficiency improvements that has taken place in society. All our electrical aids for everyday life, such as registration in the milking plant, heat time, rumination time etc. all these devices send out electrical impulses.

If all other options are exhausted in relation to treatments, then one should look at electricity – and to save money one could benefit from checking the electricity first.

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